• Nitrous Oxide Anxiolysis

    Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as the Laughing Gas, works equally well for adults and children alike. It is a potent anxiety reducing analgesic gas. No treatment modification is required for administering nitrous oxide. We ask that you wait in the patient lounge after the procedure for about 10 minutes before you drive away.

  • Oral Conscious Sedation

    If you choose the conscious sedation route, you’ll need to have a responsible care-giver to bring you to your appointment and take you back home and be around you for some time, to assist you. You and your caregiver would be given, easy to understand detailed instructions before your appointment. Typically, you’ll be asked to make a morning appointment and arrive in comfy clothes that you could take a nap in. Once you arrive, we administer the oral sedative and then we take you to our tranquil treatment room. You will be tucked into a very comfy blanket on our ultra soft chair. You would be surrounded with warmth and comfort to put your mind at rest even before we start the sedation process. During the procedure, your pulse rate, oxygen saturation levels and blood pressure is constantly monitored and recorded. After the procedure is done, we wake you up in case if you are dozing and offer you some refreshing juice or cool yogurt and a warm moist towel.

    Sedation patients are not allowed to drive to or from their appointment. They are not allowed to drive, care for small children, cook, climb stairs or engage in tasks that need mental sharpness for 48 hours. Sedation patients must not drink alcohol or grapefruit juice or take other sedatives within 72 hours of the appointment.

    Dr. Keerti has achieved the fellowship status in the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. Needless to say; she has vast experience in this field. Dr. Keerti has successfully worked with patients who display mild dental anxiety to patients who can be considered severely dentophobic.

    Sedation works really well for most patients. However, some people are not suitable candidates for sedation. Dr. Keerti will discuss your medical and meds history in detail before appointing you. Sedation is absolutely contraindicated if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Sedation protocol is modified slightly for nursing moms. Sedation protocol is modified for smokers as well. Talk to Dr. Keerti in detail. Ask any questions. Get comfortable.