What is “Enso”?

“The Enso” is a brush painted circle, a symbol of the Zen philosophy. It symbolizes, among many other things, wholeness, completeness, tranquility and balance. Some scholars believe it represents the earth or the air. Yet some others believe that it symbolizes ones desire for achieving perfection. Most scholars agree that it is the most pleasant and harmonious of all the shapes known to man. It is believed that no two people draw their enso the same way.

Your Trust, Our Promise

The “Enso” is at the heart of our practice philosophy. At the center of our enso circle is – YOU, our patient, who has chosen to put your trust in us. We take it very seriously. We promise to work with your complete and best health interest at heart, always. We will strive to do so with excellence, compassion and integrity. Be it a complete smile makeover you desire or routine care, you will experience this mantra over and over again.

Enso Dentistry

Enso dentistry is “complete” dentistry. We address pathologies in your mouth, face and jaw joints also, not just your teeth and gums. We believe that your oral health affects your general health and vice-versa. At the core of this complete dentistry is patient comfort. Everything we do in our office revolves around this basic concept.

We don’t just stop at dentistry in our holistic philosophy. We go beyond dentistry. We believe in practicing minimal environmental impact dentistry. Learn how under environmental stewardship.